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luxury carters



Lay claim to one of the finest luxury boats in Bali. Cruise in stylish comfort to a stunning number of Indonesia’s magnificent islands with Bali’s only private luxury charter company.
boutique villas



Stylish and affordable villas for your holiday home in Bali. Whether it's an exclusive escape for two, a large group or a family holiday with kids, we have a villa that will surprise and delight you.
cafe couscous


Cous Cous

Our café offers a fresh and delectable menu of contemporary vegetarian food showcasing exotic Middle Eastern flavours.

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Management Services

  • Vessel Management
  • Consultancy
  • Importation

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About Us

Pulau Group is a life-style company based in Bali, Indonesia that own and operate Pulau Luxury Charters, Pulau Boutique Villas and Café Cous Cous.

Meet Us

Special Offers & News

With such a superb range of private luxury charters, boutique villas and our beautiful café, we have a constant stream of news and special promotions.

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Our Villas

Like the times of day they were named for-Pagi is morning, Siang afternoon, Sore evening and Malam night – these villas fulfil the desires that appear throughout every sun and moon cycle.

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Our Charters

chartersAs Bali’s only private prestige charter company, we closely tailor the perfect personal itinerary for clients who require unrivalled luxury, marine professionalism or adrenaline fuelled adventure.

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Our Cafe

cous cousCafé CousCous is a chic and stylish diner that offers a small and superb vegetarian menu influenced by the exotic flavours of Arabia. Overlooking the lush rural farm land that produces Bali’s famed rice, Café CousCous is a hot spot for excellent coffee on the island

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